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Dealing with trauma

Matte Refic is not your everyday kind of multimedia artist, he stands out because of his passion working on sensitive and taboo topics and teaching art to prisoners. His job is a particularly challenging one, yet extremly rewarding, having influenced him as a person on multiple levels. We were lucky enough to get an interview with him and give a glance at the insides of his world.

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Lucifer, my dear

PS: is proud to present a solo exhibition of Volk Kinetshniy Opening Thursday, March 5th 19:00 at Communitism, Keramikou 28, Athens, GR with DJ set by @babynymph777 Volk Kinetshniy is a painter, illustrator, photographer, writer, and stick and poke tattooer with a multicultural background. Volk’s artwork consists of oil paintings, and drawings using graphite, […]

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NYCGayCop -Interview

NYCGayCop was born and raised in the Lower East Side of Manhattan in New York City. His parents were both from Puerto Rico making him a true New Yorican as he calls himself. He spent most of his youth working retail and in 1991 decided to join the NYC Police Department. In 1995 he was […]

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Clothes: Thalia Steffensen / Instagram @thaliasteffensen
Styling: Thalia Steffensen / Instagram @thaliasteffensen,
Jenny Marie Hviding / Instagram @jennyhviding
Photographer: Jenny Marie Hviding Schjerven / Instagram @jennyhviding

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About Anna

“To get dressed, I used to be my own opponent.
I was a Tomboy, always fighting for being more glam, more woman, more me. I’ve turned this fight to a sport that I’ve accepted with pride. A hard test to overcome every day.”

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