Jacopo and I had been talking about it for a while and finally decided it was time to publish an iBook together. The amount of photographs we have accumulated during these past few years is large and most of it had never been shared anywhere other than on a blog: that is why we thought about publishing our first book – which we have called Settantasette.





“We have always loved taking instant photographs. Holding a Polaroid in your hands, just a few moments after that picture was barely framed in your head, has something quite magic about it: there is no need for a photo-lab, no need to wait for them to develop your film roll, a Polaroid is instant. We love that little squared image framed by a white rectangle, it is stylish and functional at the same time: you can write on it, you can hang it on your fridge, give it to a friend you care for or paste it in your diary. Polaroids are the best photographs to fill a travel scrapbook with, on the go: just jolt down a few notes and first impressions of a place and attach your image right there, to make your words more lively. An instant photograph falls out the pages of a book and suddenly we remember about places we visited, people we met and long lost feelings: that Polaroid becomes an incredibly precious find.

When we met, in February 2009, Polaroid had already announced they were going to stop producing the film we loved so much and we simply weren’t ready to let go of instant photography yet, not when we had just planned to start traveling together. That is why, when the Impossible Project begun producing their first stocks of instant film, we saw a light in the end of the tunnel: Polaroids were not dead yet and we were still going to be able to fill our diaries and document our travels with instant images.

It was April 2010, when we got to buy our first flush of Impossible instant film, the PX 100 Silver Shade. At the time we were living in Milano and we owned a Polaroid Land Camera 1000 each, a white and a black one: as soon as we got our parcel of film delivered, we drove to the countryside with a packet of PX 100 in each of our cameras to take our first photographs. We believed in the Impossible Project and, since that day in 2010, we decided to keep on following their progress by ordering and testing their films: now, three years later, we know it was worth it.

Settantasette is a photography book, a travel scrapbook and a retrospective of our own journey into the magnificent world of Impossible instant film: a collection of our favourite images taken over the past three years, which happen to be seventy-seven – settantasette in Italian, our mother-tongue. From our first PX 100 Silver Shade to our latest PX 680 Cool Color Shade, we have decided to put together a series of images, annotations and memories not only very meaningful for us, but also significant for everyone else who uses, respects and loves instant photography. While Settantasette tells about our journey from Italy to Finland, it also shows the evolution of the Impossible Project through the eyes of a couple of passionate young photographers and daily adventurers. With the hope you will enjoy our images as much as we have enjoyed taking them, we thank you for giving this iBook a chance.”

Here a few pages from the book: if you like what you see, you’ll find a link to download Settantasette for FREE from the iTunes Store.








Settantasette is on iTunes store (get if for FREE)!
* requires an iPad – use the link to download it in pdf if you don’t have one!

Download Settantasette in pdf from here

By Polly Balitro