I could come up with whole articles about your designs, but how would you describe your designs?

I would describe my designs as a new way of exploring reality, internet and youth culture in the present.
The construction of an artificial language, combined with a universe of dolls, animals and candies.
A positive way of living with a fresh and sofisticated twist.
Girls and boys can wear my pieces and feel they belong to a new universe, their own universe.


You use so much colour, have you always been into colours? Which colour is you?

Colour is what I see in my city and my travels . It inspires me.
I used to work as a photographer and capturing colours was my work.
I love making collages and combining textures , and I think colours might work really natural in my process of design.
I am Dark Pink for Sure! (I dont know if dark pink exists, but I can invent it)


When you are designing, what do you have in mind? What inspires you? And what is the most important aspect of a collection?

When I am designing I have in mind the sense of travelling to a new place.
It can be a forbiden place or an invented one.
My inspiration comes from different situations from my every day life : from spending lots of hours on the internet and finding really amazing and random stuff, to conversation with strangers in the streets, grafittis.
In a way I love to explore both universes : the artificial world of the internet, and the real streets of Buenos Aires, th place where I studied fashion design and am now based.
The most important aspect of my collection is playing with the unexpected. Working with an element that transforms into something really different in the same collection. It is like creating a new planet in every collection, where lots of things are happening at the same time but they live together in harmony, it is like a love message.


What other forms of art do you feel your designs are close to?

Photography , cinema and music all together!

Photography because most of my prints start from a photographic reasearch with my film and pocket camera, to random people and objects found in different situations. Cinema, because I love to tell stories, to write, to make poetry while designing. So in a way it is like making a movie every season. And music because I am listening to music 24/7, and my collections are part of that rythm.


Is there someone not likely to wear VK but that you would love to see in VK? And who would you hate to see in your designs?

Yes, I would love to see a ballet dancer dancing with my designs.. and I would hate to see Selena Gomez wearing my stuff haha.


This is random but I get this vibe from your stuff. What do unicorns mean to you?

Unicorns mean something out of this world, something impossible to reach and really beautiful, just like love.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson