So, you are definitely one of my favourite self photographers! What do you think makes people shoot themselves?

I don’t know what makes people shoot themselves, each person has their own reasons, I don’t find one to fit them all!


Would you shoot another person? What kind of person?

Yes, I would like to shoot to another person.. A beautiful person with a strange beauty.


Why do you prefer the nude body? How much fun is it for you doing all these different nudes and how are your ideas born?

I prefer the nude body because I LOVE THE HUMAN BODY ,I think the clothing hides the soul. Sometimes it’s fun to be naked all over my house.
Ideas are born from all the things around me, things I see touch and feel..


Do you run around naked in your free time? What does a day in Faber Franco’s life really look like?

Of course but only when i’m alone in my house …I don’t know, I’m not able to perceive how my day looks, each day is different.


How is the attitude towards nude bodies where you come from?

The nude still is taboo, people see a naked man and they see him like a crazy person or an exhibitionist. People don’t see beyond that…


What would be your dream place and dream conditions to shoot in?

In a snow capped mountain like The Alpes, because it has been my dream for a long time to be in a place with a lot of snow.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson



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