You are in Berlin now. How is Berlin and all places influencing you differently?

I feel Berlin is like a supermarket with all the things I need. This is one of the reasons that I moved here in early 2007. I came right from my parents’ house and in Berlin I felt free for the first time, more than in other places at least. However, as a freelancer the ability to travel and the opportunity to work from places all over the world is giving me not only a lot of inspiration, but also motivation and energy that I bring back to my life in Berlin. This makes the city even more interesting.


You prefer shooting girls or boys? What are the differences for you as a photographer?

For me there’s no real difference between shooting boys and girls. I’m really happy with all of my models. Most of them are people that I know already or belong to my community. We therefore treat each other well. I care a lot about what people are able or willing to do within a shooting and as everyone has their own personality, I try to pull that out of them. I want to create an intimate portrait about each individual.


Is there a long term project you would like to devote yourself to? Do you even like long term project or do you get easily bored?

I’m actually always trying to have different smaller projects at the same time. I like variety and try to challenge myself in new ways. If I get the feeling that I know enough of something I head to the next project. So yes, I can get bored easily, but at the same time I put my energy in new projects as I feel that I learn most from my own experience.


What is the best and what is the worst experience you have made with your photography?

Taking pictures is always fun for me and the luckiest moments are probably those when I’m shooting a new model and see a lot of potential in them or when I work with my „all time favorites“. Also, when a stylist comes up with many inspiring outfits or a new collaboration is planned. I like to keep everything fresh.
It’s hard to say if there is even a best and worst. I think everything is part of a process called life.


What would you advise a younger you? would you make anything differently?

I wouldn’t change anything. I believe that everything happens like it should.


Is there anything you would never agree to do as an artist?

I guess that depends on who’s asking and what their aim is. If I can identify with the project I would probably do anything that doesn’t physically hurt other beings in order to experience all kinds of artistic expression.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson