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Could you tell us, what creative field you are in? & what mediums you use to create your work?

I am an artist, I work primarily with paint, its the method of working I am most comfortable with. I like to draw and work with writing too, I think it is very important as an artist to record your feelings and surroundings, its what betters your work.

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How have you then modified your creative practice to use it in the fashion world?

I used to paint only with oils, however working onto leather with that medium doesnt work, so I have had to adapt this by using different paint. I wouldnt say the ideas behind my work have changed, I still have the same method of thinking whilst working. If I am creating a piece for someone I know I like to work with them and find out what they like and put my own spin on things I guess. However I think my work is still highly personal, it just has a different audience.

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What you describe your personal style as? Would you say your work is an extension of your personal style?

I have always been quite consistent in the way I dress, I know what I like and what suits my body, this has never really changed. I really believe in buying my clothes selectively and buying classic pieces, I have some stuff from eight years ago that still makes me feel great when I wear it. I wouldn’t say my work was an extension of my style, maybe an extension of my mind, but I do feel good when I wear one of my jackets!

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With making your jackets, do you do them custom to the personality you are doing it for? Or do you create them to your own accord?

I mainly create them to my own accord, I like to think of colours and themes for each one, I use myself and my own feelings in a lot of my work, I like working with writing as I find it to be quite personal and aesthetically pleasing to my eye. However I have created a couple of jackets for people, and thats really fun working with someone else to create something together. I loved the jacket I painted for David Motta as I think we both have a mutual understanding of what pleases our eyes, it is fun combining ideas.

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Any up and coming projects we should keep our eyes peeled for?

There are a few things I am really excited about, I just signed a contract with a stockist in Paris which I am so excited about. I just want to carry on doing what I am doing and see what happens..

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Any wise words to artists that are starting out?

I have had so many knock backs as an artist, rejection is something you shouldn’t be scared of, it should make you more determined. Stella Vine is a huge inspiration to me, and always says such kind things about my work. Having people that are good for you and believe in you is such a great thing, I suppose just to stay true to yourself and your way of working.

Interview by Adam-Peter Hicks