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What is your motto in life?

Don’t follow the beaten path.  Go your own way and leave a trail.

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Has photography changed the way you view things?

Yeah, I guess it has.  My eye has certainly evolved over the years in the respect that I notice things now that maybe I wouldn’t have done a few years back.  Although, I do have a tendency to view everything as a potential image now, I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not!

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What is your biggest dream?

My biggest dream is to travel the world.  I really enjoy experiencing different cultures and climates.  Somedays I wish I had the courage to just up sticks with my camera and go.  A job as a travel photographer would be nice.

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Name three things you couldn’t live without.

If my house went on fire I would grab my guitar, camera & laptop so, I’ll go with them.

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What inspires you?

Music is my biggest source of inspiration.  It can be a melody, a lyric, a rhythm or mood which can trigger an idea.  Music allows me to shut off and tap into my subconscious.  Creativity flows so much easier when you don’t need to deliberate over it.

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How would you describe yourself?

Independent, liberal, honest.

Interview by Emma Elina Keira Jones