taryn wilsea (7)

Why did you pick up photography?

I picked up photography because of my dad, I started out playing around with his camera when I was around 13 and I still use the same camera now.

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Coming from Manchester, how would you describe it? Has it influenced your work or the way you see things?

Welllll actually I’m originally from a town called Scunthorpe. I’ve lived in Manchester for almost 4 years as I studied here. I would say everywhere I go influences my work not just Manchester. I’d describe it as a less hectic and friendly version of London. I’m actually moving to Leeds in around 2 weeks also haha, I like change.

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What other things influence or inspire you on a daily basis?

I’d say my main source of inspiration comes from the music I listen to. I think whatever music I’m into at that time will make a massive impact on who/what/where I decide to shoot. I always play an album/playlist when shoot to get across the whole feeling so the models get into my state of mind.

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Do you have a picture you would call your favourite one?

I think my favourite images are ones I take for personal reasons. To me they mean something but other people wouldn’t appreciate them because they don’t and never will know the story behind some of them.

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What do you want people to feel or think when they go through your work?

I guess it would vary between different people, everyone has their own minds and how they see things. I think in all my photos there’s this underlying sense of discomfort but some people may see something else. I guess it’s always nice to inspire people.

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If photography didn’t exist, what would you like to be?

Well I’ve made quite a few short films and in the process of working on more. As I love combining sound and image together. If not I’d love to make music like Brian Eno, that would be amazing.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson