How did you know you wanted to do illustrations? What made you start with it?

I’ve been drawing ever since I can remember. As a child I would draw car crashes and devils. I’ve always known I wanted to be a cartoonist, so I attended every possible art school, I have a master in arts degree and now I sit in my desk, making drawings of this shitty world.


How did you develop your personal style? What were your influences regarding that?

Hard to say, it was a natural process of getting my sketching together. I am inspired by too many things. Serial killers, obesity, fallen celebrities, unemployment, stomach pains, dreams, favorite songs, history. I guess drawing helps me to organize the mess of information and interests in my head somehow. Recently I’ve discovered that drawing can be somewhat therapeutically, I strongly recommend it to anyone who’s about to suffer from a nervous breakdown.


Most of your text is in Polish. Why is there text and what is the text about? Why not English?

The typography is often impossible to be translated since I like to play with the language. For example, the piece Melodramat is based on dividing the word into half. Melo is a slang word for a hard party, and dramat is obviously itsaftermath, the hangover. I am aware of how untranslatable it is but I’m just a Middle-European scum and Polish will always be my first language. But I’ve been making some pieces in English lately. For example my comics about dreams are in English only.


Whats the meaning behind your work? What do you want to communicate with it?

I used to focus on fiction and absurd more. Now I tend to make illustrations for the world around, the things and emotions which concern me personally. I guess I keep getting more and more sensitive and sad with age, that’s where thisformal minimalism comes from. I can see my works are well-received by people my age as I focus on common problems, such as uneployment. The HR Art piece with contents of an authentic negative response to a job apllication gaineda lot of Internet popularity. I’ve heard I was an artist of the precariat (sad laugh).


What are the benefits of surrealism to you? How would you define it?

I like to explore the aesthetics of dreams. I keep a dream diary, just as Federico Fellini did, I draw my dreams or just think about them and then they mix with reality. I find this pretentious melancholics of a dream interesting, I also enjoy getting majorly drunk but I’m way too old to think of myself as a part of the artistic crowd, drinking absinth and connecting with spirits. Apparently sleeping for too long leads to suicide but suicide is one of my favorite drawing themes.

do widzenia

If you weren’t illustrating what else would you like to do?

There are many jobs I would enjoy doing. I could be a graphologist or work in a funeral home. Of course I would also like to start a music band and go for a tour in the US, but I can’t play any instrument.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson