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Okay, there are so many photographers out there, what made you decide to start shooting?

I was obsessed with magazines when I was younger and this fascination has never really ended. I like looking at pictures and their stories and that made me want to start creating myself.  I believe that true, accurate photography today is a reflection of our culture and I think it’s important to document this. Passion is essential – I love shooting. Picking up your negatives from the photo lab is the best feeling!

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If photography hadn’t been invented what would you like to be instead?

An actress… I find the concept of acting both fascinating and terrifying…. I think I can be a bit of an actress sometimes and drift into my own worlds…

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Where do you get your ideas? What influences do you have etc?

The people I meet along my way and their spontaneous moments inspire me. Other artists inspire me. I often get ideas from conversations when I’m out with friends, it can be anything from talking about good halloumi cheese breakfast recipes to how much I adore films like Buffalo’ 66.


When you are shooting a specific story, what’s your process?

I brainstorm openly about the idea, the mood, the space and basically share my thoughts with the person I’m going to shoot. To begin with I direct them, then gradually I let them take on a life of their own and it all becomes more spontaneous. I always have fun when I shoot and don’t like the atmosphere to be too serious.

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Personal or fashion? Can you and do you blend both?

I enjoy both fashion and personal photography and I would say I mix the two. I try to incorporate my own concepts within fashion shoots. For most people, fashion dictates a part of their life and I find it natural to bring that part into the image. For me it is important to showcase fashion, as it’s a reflection of our culture today.

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How important is the camera for each shoot? What do you work with?

I mostly shoot on a 35mm Canon AE with either natural lighting or with flash. I love cameras but haven’t been able to afford that many yet. I believe you can take good pictures with any camera; it’s more down to what you show in the image – good lighting is important!

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson

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