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You  work on so much! How did you get involved with it all? What came first?

I come from an artistic family and have always been surrounded by art and creative people. I have always been encouraged to create whenever possible. My fascination with the 1920’s woman and the lingerie from that era was the start of trying to combine my interests into some kind of tangible medium. I began a vintage lingerie line of museum quality pieces from the 1850’s-1940’s, which led me into styling, specifically undergarments. The styling then turned into sketching out ideas to produce my own lingerie, which resulted in my drawing naughty girls in their undies.

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If you had to choose one form of art, would it be illustrations? Or? And why?

Definitely illustrations.  It feels like the most honest form of expression to me. I’m quite shy and I feel like drawing helps me communicate the things I have a hard time articulating.

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You like vintage, and you like lingerie, tell me about it. How did these obsessions come up?

My mom gave me a set of 1920s teddies for my fifteenth birthday and I fell in love. From then I started to become very interested in the history of lingerie and its social role, as opposed to just a foundation or fashion piece. I studied everything from bra fit and corset training, to fetishism and bondage, to historical figures in burlesque and prostitution. I find it all fascinating. Intimate apparel is like a super hero costume- you are walking around with this little secret that makes you feel beautiful and feminine and completely powerful. I try and incorporate that feeling throughout my work.

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What other artists do you look up to? or who inspires you?

My mom, Sonia Delaunay, Marquis Von Bayros and the writings of Anais Nin. Also, of course, Madonna circa the Blonde Ambition tour.

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Tell me a little about your journals. I love them. Do you carry them around all the time? How did you start keeping one?

Thank you! I use to keep my journals at home for fear of losing them, but after a trip to Australia last year I got in the habit of carrying one with me everywhere I go. I was experiencing a lot of emotions being so far from home and my boyfriend really pushed me/ annoyed me to draw in my journal every day to help express what I was feeling. They have now become a part of my daily routine.

I’ve always journaled though, even when I was a little girl I would get those black and white composition notebooks and collage the pages with magazine cutouts and used it as a visual diary. In my adulthood, I’ve gravitated towards vintage notebooks and ledger journals. The old paper is so buttery and soaks up the ink in a very romantic way. There is something very special about sharing a page with someone from the past.

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Babes! How do you define a babe? Who is a babe to you?

A “Babe” is a woman who is brave and who doesn’t apologize for her insecurities, strengths, or sexuality. She is cheeky and playful. My dear friend, photographer Rachel Roze, is the ultimate “Babe”.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson

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