How did you pick up photography? Did anybody encourage you to?

Probably an enchainment of circumstances. I felt sad and not understood, sometimes even alone, which brought an urgent need to express my perception of reality. In the beginning, no one did encourage me. But very quickly, someone in the art world and the CAPC (contemporary art museum), director Mrs Charlotte Laubard, encouraged me to keep going. Today the motivation has evolved. With my own words, I try to praise the light.


Where do you come from? How has your background shaped your aesthetics?

I come from France, from the suburbs, which is my background. I have no art school experience I’m self-educated and I adapt to people, events and circumstances that I meet on my way.


You seem to be attracted to vivid colours. Has it always been that way? Is your space boldly coloured as well?

I tried black and white, but I preferred colours indeed. True, they are coloured, but weirdly enough many people find my photographs very dark… My space is simple, not especially coloured like a typical french period flat.


Which place you have seen would you say has impressed and inspired you most?

My biggest inspiration space is the street I think. Lisbon, Budapest or Roma were a good experience. Nevertheless, I am also attracted to the desert areas (extents), the water and more generally wild nature.


Have you always been shooting film? How did you discover it? Why not so much digital?

In the beginning of my self education, I started with a digital camera for a few months. Then I switched to analog. One of the first persons who had seen my digital pictures made me try an analogue camera… In my opinion analog is more noble than digital. Photography, etymologically, means writing with the light. When printed on a film, light is printed in its organic process. Analog aesthetic is different, that is to say colors are represented through materials: such as wood, stone, vegetation, organic stuff.. I like the reflection, technique and economic restraints shooting film imposes. Shooting film improves patience a lot.


What do you wanna work on next?

Actually, I’ve been working on a book at the moment. For a few months now me and photographer Juliette Gaudino (www.flickr.com/photos/_juliettegaudino/ ) have been putting together a photo zine, “Jeune & Poli” (Young and Polite) including our photographs.issuu.com/1491editions
Recently an independent English editor proposed to publish a reediting of volume #3. It will include different photos from the previous zines, recent work, new diptychs and many other things.. It will be out very soon, and you’ll be able to buy it on the internet and in specializing bookshops.
I’m also exhibiting 55 photographs in a gallery and working in a long independent documentary fiction movie as directory of photography.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson