What is it in a person or place that makes you want to take a picture of them?

When it comes to a person, it’s about their aura. I always see something of myself in them and I guess that’s the reason I want to capture them. But for a place, I usually see, some detail or maybe all of it, a dreamland, somewhere I would like to be, places I often dream of. And who wouldn’t capture anything that reminds them of their dreamland?


What do you do in your free time?

When I’m not at the Uni or photographing, I draw or do some collage, spending more time inside my bedroom. Lately I have too much free time so I’ve decided to watch Miyazaki’s films all over again. But when the sun is out, I walk around the center of Athens and surely go to my favourite spot, the National Garden, which I visit at least once a week.


Are there some artists or things or movements that you like particularly much?

That’s a tough question which changes time to time but I’ll try to give you a taste of the things I get inspiration lately.

Artists: Hayao Miyazaki, Egon Schiele, Lebanon Hanover, Faber Franco, Polly Bird Balitro, Silvia Conde, Andy Warhol (movies) and of course Amanda M. Jansson and Emma E. K. Jones.

Things: Ganesha, tourmaline, incense, fairy lights, star symbols, alchemy scripts.

Movements: Art nouveau, anime, post-punk, any religious art.


If you could be God for one day, what would you do?

I guess being a God means I could create anything and have everything. So.. I would fill my room with films and a couple of more analog cameras. Maybe move in a huge house with all the people I love and maybe have another house in the Alps, like Heidi. I would free every single animal that is imprisoned,  create new forms of energy that wouldn’t destroy this extremely beautiful planet. I would also free any human being that still lives under slavery conditions. And last of all I would vanish money and violence which may be the reason for all of the above.


How does your environment affect your work as an artist?

My environment is the key to create. If I can’t feel secure and relaxed nothing of my insides can be captured at any film or paper. No matter what my mood is I need my space for my ideas and inspiration to come out.


How has photography affected your life?

It may be a little too early to say, but I feel that it has changed my whole existence as a person. Photography is something I always thought as a hobby but right now it is my first thought in the morning and has become something that completes me. I’d also like to say that Art is not about competition or showing off. And photography in particular is for all the people who have something special in the way they see the world. And it’s nice to share your perspective with other people, that’s why I love photography blogs.

Interview by Emma Elina Keira Jones.