I have interviewed you a couple of times by now. Do you ever get bored of answering questions? What’s the question people ask you all the time?

Some interviews are nice, some are full of ‘What inspires you?’. Almost every interview needs a question ‘What does your name mean?’ which is easy to Google.


What are you working on at the moment? Some on-going project or just personal projects and commissioned stuff?

As we are nominated for Pinchuk Art Prize this year we are working on the project to be presented in Pinchuk Art Center this autumn. The last three month were so busy that we didn’t realize there was some kind of summer.

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Have you ever worked on something commissioned that was particularly fun and exciting?

We rarely accept commercial shootings that are boring for us. Many of them were entertaining, shooting a project for Sheriff and Cherry sunglasses we made a mystical hairy creature out of 13 Santa Clause beards.


You obviously work very well together. What would you say is Tanya’s most annoying habit? And Roman’s?

Tania is eating at night. Roman is eating at night.


You have visited some countries. Has any other country been as inspiring as Ukraine seems to be to you?

We are not inspired by any country, we are just inspired by natural environment, which may occur anywhere in the world. We like exploring the country entirely, which means driving to every suspicious turn and checking what’s there.


You are obviously fantastic with colours and colour combinations. Would you consider shooting black and white as well? Or why not?

Our photographs are contemporary as we live today. We are not alone in this field, there are many emerging photographers now who carry this spirit of modernity, it’s like some new generation who ignore those old techniques and photography styles. Of course Black and White can be the same contemporary, but at this stage of our artistic carrier it sounds unlike us.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson