How did you pick up photography in the first place?

That’s not an easy question.. I remember when I was like 16 or 17 years old, me and my best girlfriend, before going out to a nightclub, we met to have some drinks, do our hair and make up (those days I used to be quite a big fan of The Cure and Depeche Mode, so eyeliner was always in my pocket…) and I was always taking pictures of her and, so… I guess that’s how everything started. I mean, it was so much fun that I guess I said ” hey, I can really to this for the rest of my life ”. There’s another thing that I didn’t start to considered until some time ago, and it is the fact that my dad is a cameraman, he works for a tv channel, and my home has always been full of cameras, camcorders, etc… I guess my dad had a big influence on me..


Who are the people on your photographs? What’s your relation to them and why are you shooting them?

All the people in my photos are friends, lovers or something in the middle.. Since I’m always trying to create a very intimate atmosphere in my photos, I always try to work with people that make me feel comfortable and that make me feel they will feel quite the same about me, so, I guess that’s why I’m always working with the same people to create my photos. Of course, there are some other reasons, like the fact that I think they’re beautiful people and they’re always willing to help me even if I ask them to do something corny, silly, crazy or daring.


You havent shot anything in a while. Are you working on something new? Or why this break?

I got back to college!! I’m pursuing a degree in Art History, and, yes, it’s taking me a lot of time. Maybe some other reason is that since I’m very obsessive about my work, I’m not always showing all of my photos; so, maybe in a year I take like hundreds of pictures, but I only show one or two because I’m not a hundred percent satisfied with 99,9% of them.. yes, I’m really obsessive about my work.

On the other hand, I’m working on a new project. I’m doing a short film, that is like the continuation of one of my photos, but it’s taking way too long.. so I hope I can finish it pretty soon.


Do you plan in advance or just capture the right moment?

It’s like ”six of this, half dozen of that ”. Before I start shooting, we talk about what we’re gonna do; before that I start looking for locations, wardrobe ( though I know clothes are not a very common element in my pictures… ), so, I mean, yes, of course I do plan the shooting, the location, the people I’ll be shooting, I look for all the elements that I’ll need for the composition of the image… but then, when you’re there on the set, you realize that you can’t just plan everything, because there’ll be a thing that either you didn’t take into account or that just you wouldn’t be able to control.. and that’s great, because that, somehow, gives you the freedom to improvise and have much more fun.


If I looked into your fridge right now, what would I find?

Ha ha ha.. avocado, mineral water, arugula, eggs, dulce de leche (it’s like the Argentine version of peanut butter ), half a bottle of ABSOLUT RASPBERRI…


How has your country and background impacted your artistic vision? What else influences you?

That’s a good question. You know, I was born and raised in Buenos Aires, and this city is full of contrast. Argentina was built by immigrants, Spanish, German, English, Italians, and this has given to Buenos Aires a very peculiar personality. It’s hard for me to realize how much of an impact my city has had over me and my work, but I guess it has been big. But, as I said before, since we have so much influence from all the European immigrants, I guess that may give to my work a certain image or language that could be understood and appreciated anywhere. Or so I hope.. ha ha ha

Another major influence, of course, have been many other artists who I admire, like Cindy Sherman, Hitchcock, Nicola Costantino, Tarantino, Malcolm McLaren… I could spend all day making a list of artists that have had a big impact on my work, so I better stop now.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson