But how did you come up with this idea?

M – When I first discovered the “search by image” tool of Google, I felt it had a great potential, especially for its strong ironic content. Speaking with Riccardo, we started uploading our own pictures and laughed at the “visually similar images” that were produced. We instantly knew that this could be a project to develop together.

R – The idea was born from the common interest for digital innovations, we wanted to create some work which could integrate our own photographs with the new technologies that the internet provides.


How did you 2 start working together?

M – I think we have a similar photographic approach, we were talking about developing a project together and we gave it a try.

R – We wanted to do a collaboration.


Is there something you wanna show/draw attention to? Why this specific project?

M/R – We really like the idea of using Google as the main media of the project. We’re both interested in digital art and thought this could be a way to enter this world.


What’s good and bad about people working together as a team?

M – For me, it’s very important to have a confrontation with other people, to share an idea and start seeing it from another point of view in order to fully comprehend it.

R – When you’re working as a team the most difficult part is to remain consistent with the original idea, thus you have to find a mediation between the two parts.


Are you still working on this project? How long will it take you to complete it?

M/R – The project is complete and it will take part in “The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale” ( It took us less than a month to conceive and realize it (considering all our conversations took place online, mainly via skype and mail).


What else are you working on? Separately or together?

M/R – We’re currently working on different projects, we’re both keeping up with our own photographic works. Maybe in the future we’ll work together again : )

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson