What is your favourite time of the day for shooting?

It really depends on the weather and my mood, but I usually like the afternoon when it’s cloudy.


Tokyo is very rich in culture and art. How has Tokyo influenced your work?

I think I really haven’t been influenced by the rich culture in Tokyo. When I go traveling or find little things in Tokyo that are un-cultured and naked, I get inspired.


What else influences your work? Films, music, anything?

Usually books, good stories bring many unfound feelings to my life.


Beside shooting. What else do you do? Any other projects going on?

Now I’m having an exhibition with Ai Ezaki, curated by Ken Kagami at Parco Museum at Shibuya Parco1 till 28th. If you have a chance, please come check it out!


How did you start photographing? Did you always want to be a photographer?

I started photography when I met Patrick Tsai, a photographer based in Tokyo.  He’s really talented and he told me many good things about photography and gave me a mju-II to start out. At that time, I didn’t think of becoming a photographer, I actually still don’t know the exact definition of being a photographer.


You have been part of several exhibitions. How does it feel having your work exhibited?

It’s always really exciting, I always like the process of brain-storming the theme and editing/picking photos for the exhibition.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson