“In Spanish the translation for boy is Chico, and for girl is Chica.
So in this case i prefer to use the word Chique for someone who isn’t a boy or a girl exactly.

Chique is an exploration of a photographic-aesthetic contemporary symptom, an
uncomfortable point for the psychiatric power and the most orthodox social conventions that
condition our collective imagination, the transexual reality. With the participation of an
individual in the middle of the sex-gender reassignment program; supported by photography
as a medium for exploration and the quest for knowledge, and backed up by a documentary
revision and a participative action, I articulate a photographic and audio-visual project with
which visibility is given to a vital time lapse in his process of change, revealing the complexities
of identity displacements. Evidence that allows one to think about our society and the
differences that constitute it.”

001 002 003 005 006 007 008 010 011 012 013 014 018 020

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