Do you prefer shooting indoors or outdoors? Why?

I like to take pictures outdoors because I can play with the weather, temperature, light to and show people what is happening at this moment. I also like to tell stories about my subjects through my photographs which are peaceful, and full of tension, something like this. Because the life we live in is running faster than ever before, I want to keep this moment that moves me so much.


How is life in China for a young artist? What differences are there?

In China there are different kinds of artists ,but if want to live from art or some creation it is hard to live and you have huge pressure, I don’t think I am an artist , for me I think I am an ordinary girl living in an extraordinary world but I am obsessed with it and love what I shoot , what I do. I studied Chinese Classical Instrumental performance so I have a full-time job as a music teacher, so it seems like I live in an atmosphere full of art, and I have lots of free time. During this free time I do photography . For me life is a big amount of fun.


How much does the internet influence your artistic development?

The internet has helped me improve my art aesthetic, also I upload my pictures on the Internet and let more people see my work and then sometimes we get together to take pictures , through discussion to improve our skills .All those things make me very happy and complete.


Do you remember how you got your first camera?

I’ve loved shooting since I was a child. My father owned a rangefinder camera when I was a child and he took a lot of pictures for me so naturally I become interested in it and got it. It has a bit of a don’t-want-to-forget-my-childhood, my dreams sort of thing going on. I always shoot some interesting things / views / people/ because I don’t want to lose track of who I am,  what I am thinking and dreaming about.


I  see a lot of flowers and plants. what do they mean to you? Do you have a favourite flower?

I like to shoot all kinds of plants, because all those plants have tenacious vitality and beautiful posture, and fascinate me so much. Just imagine that a tiny seed can grow into a tree or a beautiful flower, actually plant made us and the world we live in. My favorite flower is the lotus, especially purple lily pads, it has the meaning of zen. In Buddhist symbolism the sacred lotus flower represents spiritual growth, enlightenment and purity of body, speech, and mind, also the lotus flower represents quietness & soberness.


Is there a secret place that fascinates you most?

All secret & quite places they’ll give you a sense of how incredible and breathtaking, how mysterious and full of uncertainty the place is. Sometimes it can also bring a lot surprise.  Moreover, I like to travel and always carry a lot of film to take pictures.  Meanwhile I am aspiring to travel to those mysterious countries such as India/ Iran/ Israel. I hope to have the opportunity to go to those countries and find the beauty of the unknown in the future.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson