People choose to photograph nude for all sorts of reasons. What are your reasons?

I do not have any one particular reason. It is nothing I focus on nor is it something I ignore. I come up with ideas for shots that seem awesome in my head. Most have nothing to do with nudity but some do. I don’t really think about nudity being any different than wardrobe, hair / make-up, lighting, and your surroundings. It is just another aesthetic to use to create the imagine you hope to accomplish. In certain surroundings I like it when nudity can add a certain unnecessary volume or irony to photo without ever being advertently sexual.


How easy or difficult is to find someone to pose nude? Is it still a taboo?

I don’t look for people to pose nude. Ideally I try to avoid models that mostly shoot nudes. I would way rather shoot someone oozing style and is rad to be around. It is way easier to find a model to shoot nudes than it is to one with decent fashion sense.

I spend too much time looking at photography shit to find basic nudity taboo.


Los Angeles will always be regarded as the place to be. How is it shaping your work?

That’s a good question. I’ve only been here for a year but my experience so far has been really positive. LA is a good city but just like anywhere it is what you make of it. Since moving here I have usually had good luck finding people to work with on a somewhat regular basis. There are a million great locations for shooting but you do have to drive to get there (in Honolulu I could get out of the city to some place amazing a lot faster). As of recently I will be testing models for a few different agencies. Hopefully that will be a positive experience as my biggest challenge is always finding models. As far as Los Angeles industries shaping my work like clothing companies / fashion and all that jazz, I don’t really know anyone. In that sense it is just me shooting the way that I would in any other city.


Beside LA what place would you like to live in?

Everywhere, but right now I just want to get settled here. I’ve moved around enough. Each time starting over finding jobs, making friends, etc.. I picked LA for a variety of specific reasons – weather, ocean, city, accessibility to name a few. I don’t see myself needing to move anytime soon. But travel everywhere all of the time, please.


How come you mostly photograph girls? Is it a choice or just happens?

Both. I like shooting everything, and I do. It is was much easier for me to find girls when I started looking for subjects to shoot. Most people start out shooting everything they are around like music, their friends, landscape, street life, etc.. I did the same. Then you begin focusing on subjects and styles that that you like most and trying to shoot more purposefully while developing your own style. I drifted towards girls and landscape which I like shooting equally. I still love shooting everything else but I am always most please with photos that I made happen.


What has shaped your art and personality most? What major influences are there?

With photography, everything has been done before. I find the most inspiration from anyone who can make you feel like you are looking at something new. If they can keep progressing their style to where their works always feel fresh then I am blown away. What has shaped my personality has been everything good and bad that I have had done to me, been near, or have done to others. ..and a whole lot of Simpsons, Arrested Development, Strangers with Candy, and Reno 911.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson