Who is behind mermaidmummy, do you work alone or with others?
Yes, Mermaidmummy is run by me alone most of the time. From inspiration to creation.
But Mermaidmummy is also keeping a relationship of collaboration with Victor von Schwarz, a designer from Barcelona. Mermaidmummy offers the special series for VVS and its runway accessories which merged its elements of design with my base collection. Also we discuss the design details with each other, and he’s helping me in the European market. So you can say he’s my partner too.
How did you come up with this name?
When I was really obsessed with a lot of mysterious things when I was little, one of my favorite films and comics is about mermaid. One is romantic and lovely, another is the opposite, full of ruthlessness and sadness. It’s from my memories of childhood.
Also, the image of the Mermaid in the east and the west are really different. In the myths and legends from the west they always are beautiful and sorrowful. But in the east they are depicted more like some kind of ugly, cruel monster. And people even stitch monkey and fish’s bodies up to try to prove that mermaids exist. That for me is really interesting and romantic. It’s the image which I wanna show to the public – conflict.
How would you describe your own designs?
Quiet but passionate, sweet but cruel, pure but sexual.
I like to see any possibilities that are different to usual experiences. That makes the things I like and my inspirations a bit extreme sometimes.
However, I believe in the “less is more” rule, so I try to express those extremes in a gentle and cute way.
Why did you choose to incorporate insects into your jewellery?
All the insect pendants products are the special series for Victor von Schwarz.
I choose to incorporate insects because the VVS “Asian Perversion” collection was inspired by Asian culture, and Mermaidmummy’s “The Full Bloom of Youth” is a bout the typical Japanese manga for girl and teenager girl’s curture. All are about the extreme side of Asia. We think insects are very similar to lots of Asian curture – cold and strong outside, but full of passion and powerful inside. That’s why we chose to put insects in this series.
Where do you get inspiration from?
I like to search for inspiration from those most impressive memories of my life. Some are from my childhood, some are from issues I was obsessed with.
But no matter where they are from, I usually love to put contradictory inspirations together. For example, this collection is about the typical young Japanese girl and that age’s culture image. The side which people think is real and what is actually real. That’s how this collection came to being.
Are you working on something new right now?
Yes. Cause i just started this brand, so now I’m preparing the press works and making sure the quality of production is fine, but at the same time im designing the new collection. It will be somewhat similar to this first collection, but also bolder and interesting!
Interview by Emma Elina Keira Jones