How do collages and photos differ to you?

A collage is a unique perspective on photos, a way to see the subject in another context and create something new all together.


Where do you get material from for your collages?

Mostly from magazines collected throughout the years; nat geo, harper bazaar, wired, sunset,. also old calendars, scraps, trades, nature… anything/everything put in front of me. Since moving to midtown Sacramento I have acquired a lot of vintage books and postcards to work with due to there being a lot off book/antique shops within walking distance.


Have you ever been to a place that you connected to completely?

Nature is my biggest inspiration. There are a lot of places that have completely taken my breath away and I never wanted to leave. I usually end up taking a rock or flower bouquet to press from the places i connect deeply with. I think the place I have most connected with was Hawaii. I first visited maui with my family and it was the most beautiful place I’d ever seen. I then lived in Oahu for a summer and spent nearly every single day watching the clouds roll over the mountain range in our backyard from the roof. I can really lose my self in clouds. It was utterly peaceful and started a path of enlightenment through nature for me. ♥


If you made a collage portrait of yourself what would it look like?

Any time I use a female figure in a collage, I pretend it’s me. Actually, I think I can say that about each of my collages, they’re all self reflections. On rare occasion do I go into a piece with a set vision of what I want to make – I really enjoy the fluidity of letting my mood take over mixing and matching and placing things best fit in that moment.


Your work looks like so much fun at times. So what is your idea of fun?

Exploring! With or without friends. Indoors or out. Both inside and out of myself. My friends are such characters and keep me constantly inspired, and this world is so entertaining…. I really try to keep an optimistic mindset so that every day is fun and beneficial to my growth. I’m also extremely easily amused, so it doesn’t take much for me to have a good time.


What was the best thing someone said to you about your work?

When someone tells me my work inspires them, that really means a lot to me. The majority of my work is made in a therapeutic manner, so when people can relate or “get lost” in a piece, it’s just reminds me that we’re all so similar but have completely crazy unique ways of expressing ourselves.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson