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How did you know you wanted to be an illustrator?

It resulted totally naturally. Drawing is my passion since childhood. I was drawing witches, ghosts, monsters, vampires and aliens with my best friend.


What sort of themes do you choose to depict?

I rather depict difficult and uncomfortable subjects, such as: sex, gender, death, deviance, violence, diseases, differences, ugliness. I`m not running away from a very lyrical shots too. My art is often autobiographical. The main inspiration is my own life, internet (tumblr), literature, music, occult symbolism, magic and dreams.

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Do you try to challenge with your work? Or what do you want the viewer to think?

Provocation probably is not the main aim. This subjects are totally fascinating to me so much that I just have to draw them. I want to show the complexity of the world and people. This, what is widely regarded as abhorrent and ugly can be beautiful and extraordinary, it can acquire a new quality and relevance.


What kind of material have you experimented with? What’s your favourite stuff to use?

Fineliner, colored pencil and ekoline are my favorite tools. Substrates of my work I choose very carefully. I’m looking for and collecting old papers and cardboards. They are very old. I take them from antique shops, basements and attics.

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How has the internet helped you regarding your work so far?

The internet is very helpful for me. I publish my art on the web. Thus give me quite a lot of cooperation Proposals. Via the Internet I find my inspirations.


Would you consider different forms of art? Which one is closer to your stuff?

Besides drawing I`m also involved in painting, printmaking (intaglio), installation, collage. In my opinion all this forms of art can be close.  I think, that in my case, everything is common.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson

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