How did it all start with photography for you?

At a very early age news and newspapers and incredibly powerful images of the darker side of humanity. I tended then and still do, to visualise everything in my head. So either stark McCullin reality photos or dirty sexual pics in retro porn magazines hidden under my ol’mans bed have made an imprint in my mind that has forever claimed space in my mind.

Really kicked off in my youth wandering around alternative squat scenes all over Europe snapping evictions, festivals, riots, free  parties and all the weird (and sometimes not so) wonderful people around me and generally being in what was for me in an incredibly free and creative environment.

It suits my anarchistic mind to look for the unusual but like everything else that usually ends up being banal.


Why do you often choose to photograph nude?

Laziness. I am lazy.

The intrinsic honesty of a naked human being means you don’t have to make too much effort to turn it into something ridiculous, erotic, sinister, absurd, crude, beautiful, cruel, sexual or any other adjective you can think of.


What do you find most interesting about people’s reactions to your work?

Probably the mundane repetition of messages I receive.

Especially posting something even slightly “explicit” means getting messages, usually from men but not always, with links to or attachments of pictures of various states of what they would think of as sexual excitement.

Some think I am the model in the photo and just fire away without reading about who I am or more especially who I am not, meaning they are more lazy than me (which I get).

I have replied to one or two inviting them to pose for me, no one’s taken up the offer yet.

One person sent me a series of messages accusing me of promoting anorexia, which almost made me choke on my soup.

In that sense my work has been “provocative”.

I am still in two minds as to which kind of reaction I prefer, the pretentious art world pseudo intellectual/philsophical patronising or the animalistic expression of cultural (and sexual) poverty.


Are you working on something right now ?

Yes, on a couple  of long term projects which never seem to get to a point of completion and upcoming collaborations with other photographers and models/performers in the new year.

One long term project is an exploration of visual perception and anonymity which I plan to publish at some point, accepting that it may take some time.

The original idea is based on work never completed for the now  defunct cut-up media magazine based in the Netherlands, then it was an exploration in online anonymity, now visual anonymity, as a photographic essay.


Do you prefer to shoot outdoors or indoors and why?

My preference is natural light, indoors or outdoors. I am based in Scotland for now  so that’s not always easy so using a flash gun can be fun but usually its a distraction and it always ends up like you’re copying Terry Richardson.


Where do you get your inspiration from?

The banality of life and the dark recesses of my mind.

Interview by Emma Elina Keira Jones