Very dreamlike images. What are your dreams usually like? 

Vivid, lucid, strong. Often disturbing, sometimes they leave me in a state of now knowing where I am and what is real.


There is a certain darkness in your work. Where does it come from?

“Sweetness can’t exist without darkness for it to have depth.”
It comes from being alive. From experiencing loneliness, abandonment, unrequited love, being unable to connect to people.
There is a lot of darkness in beauty too, as you’re photographing you know that what you capture is not going to last and you can’t do anything else to protect it, make it stay. Beauty is ephemeral.


You know everyone compares your work to poetry. Has poetry actually influenced your vision? What kind of art influences you?

I wouldn’t say that it does, or at least, not directly. As dreams can put me in a certain mood to create, so can words. I’m much more inspired by nature, landscape, light, people around me.


I sense you are obsessed with lace? And hair? What other obsessions do you have?

I use vintage clothes often not to put a time stamp on my work, I don’t want it to be modern, connected to reality. My recurrent motifs are faceless portraits, the pains of growing up, loneliness.


Who are your models? Is it friends or who? What does a Nishe model look like?

My models are often artists: photographers, musicians, writers. My girl is someone who lives in a fantasy world by herself. She is patient, kind, eerie, delicate, subtle.


What does an ordinary day in your life look like?

I wake up early and go to work, that takes most of my time every day. In the evenings I catch up on reading, talk to friends and do any housework that needs to be done, very ordinary. : )

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson