Collages or photos? How are they different to you? How are they similar?

Collages. Сollages are a very experimental thing. I directly show that’s in my head. I cannot name the similarities between photos and collages and I think of them very much as water and fire.


What is your favourite photo you have ever taken and why?

My favourite photos are photos of my loved ones (relatives).


How about nudity? You shoot some nudes. Are you comfortable being nude?

I have nothing against nudity, we came into this world naked and undone, so why you hesitate. I recently had a performance where the clothes on me were gradually cut off till in the end I was half-naked.


Where do all your ideas come from?

Movies, movies. Satantango 1994, Bela Tarr, Solaris 1972, Andrei Tarkovsky, Jordan s Dance 1977, Derek Jarman, Orpheus 1950, Jean Cocteau.


Do you like to pose? Or who do you love shooting and why?

I totally love shooting, not posing.


Human and nature. What’s their relation to each other in your work?

Nature has always played an important role in literature. Writers always used it to show their heroes’ hidden emotions. Nature sometimes played the role of a god or was dead. In my photographs I hold such impulses.

 Interview by Amanda M. Jansson