What is important to you when you take a portrait?

For me the most important thing is styling & location and how it connects with the personality of my model, so it looks believable in the character I want that person to portray.


What color represents you? Why do you choose to photograph in color and not black and white?

I like white a lot, but also all kinds of pastels. I prefer to shoot color and not b&w because I don’t see the world in b&w. Plus color is one of the main focuses of my aesthetic manipulation. For me, color choice and palette are a statement and a signature when I’m creating a visual.


How do you pick your models?

I mostly shoot myself and people I know. I’m usually looking for models that have a fresh edgy look, that interest me and that can understand what I’m looking to get out of them. I love working with unprofessional models, because they usually don’t look over posing and I feel they can tell a story rather than just sell a product . I’m looking for people who know who they are.


Are there some artists you admire?

There are tons of great artists I like. I admire directors the most, like Godard, Harmony Korine, Mike Mills and Miranda July.


What does photography mean to you? 

Photography for me is a way of expressing my thoughts. I’m always trying to bring a statement I feel strongly about or deal with in my life, like, living in Israel, the mainstream perception of beauty or being a female artist. It’s a place where I can make and break my own rules.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I enjoy reality TV and walking around looking for cool stuff in shady places.

Interview by Emma Elina Keira Jones