What kind of things do you like to photograph?

I think mostly friends in daily life, landscapes and live music shows.


Some of your photos have a great sense of geometry, where does it come from?

I didn´t realise that my photos have a sense of geometry! I think it is more a matter of perspective too, I like to play with points of view when I compose the image. Maybe it is because I studied visual arts (drawing, painting, sculpture) so I might be having some sort of influences from art composition. But actually I don´t really spend too much time thinking of composing the picture, it is a very quick instant where I just choose, focus and shoot.


Do you prefer photographing friends or strangers better and why?

I really really enjoy photographing my friends and people I know. I feel so comfortable being with friends so I can capture them at any moment. It is the way I have to transmit the feeling I´m having, a little bit of how I see them, and also the way to capture our ephemeral routine.

I also take photos of strangers, but I capture them like if I were a spy, never too frontal, always from a side; like stealing the moment they are living and I´m a witness, but  they will never realise I´m there. I think you will notice the difference between my photos when they are friends and when they are strangers.


What does photography mean for you?

Photography for me has always been a way to archive memories, sensations and feelings I was having at the moment. So, it is pretty much like  a diary of my life. I’ve been taking photos since I was a teenager. I have my blog since 2007, the time I came to live to Buenos Aires. All the goods and bads, everything´s there!

As I have bad memories for conversations, and dates, this is my way to keep memories of instants that could be vanishing but they will always be captured. And when I look at a photo I can remember everything and the sensation of what was happening then.


What kind of difficulties have you come across while shooting?

As I mostly shoot in film, the difficulty is to deal with the anxiety, the surprise. And the fact that you will never really know if you are doing it ok. Sometimes I have many technical mistakes (focus, diaphragm) but I can´t complain: I enjoy photography “accidents” too.


Do you have a favourite camera and why?

My favourite camera is the one I use the most: Canon AE1. I have many others, but this one is special, used to belong to my father in the 80´s. So now it´s mine 🙂

Interview by Emma Elina Keira Jones