I keep discovering lots of great artists from Beijing. Is there an explanation for that? How would you explain it?

I’m not sure. But I think Beijing is being very accepting and also changing a lot , which offers the ground and the motivation for art.
Everyone can live here very differently and be comfortable about what they are doing. Beijing is disappointing in so many ways! But people here are so awesome and lovely , and the activity is also something attractive for most of people.


What is the cultural situation in China at the moment?

China is slowly recovering from the injury of culture in the past years. It’ll take a long while though! I give it my best wishes!


You shoot all sorts of media, and I actually liked your iphonography too. What is special about it? 

I like the lightness of being of iphonography.


Do you prefer to shoot fashion or portraits? How do they differ to you?

I always prefer portraits, even when I’m shooting fashion,  I’m still actually taking portraits … I think people are always more important than the clothes.  Don’t really have a drive in me that wants to show too much of the outfits. People are wearing THEM, that’s enough.


I love your Seasons project a lot also. What do seasons symbolize to you?

As I used to live in Guangzhou for four years where there are no seasons, I lost some sensitivity until I came back to the North of China. Then I found out again that how much I love those tiny and huge changes happening in nature.


Is there any specific place in the world you would like to go to and take pictures?

There are too many places that I wanna go to. Like Cuba , Mexico , and lots of northern (cool or cold ) rocky costliness in Europe or anywhere in the world.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson