You draw and you photograph, what differences are there?

I photograph things I happen to see, I don’t think I’ve ever directed a shot much more than saying “wait, don’t move.” Drawing is when I do take control, maybe too much. I’ll find myself agonising over a system of dots, lines, shapes or whatever, sometimes to the point where I haven’t actually drawn anything legible. I’m much happier to learn from my mistakes when shooting than drawing, I think I need to work on that.


Where do you get ideas and inspiration from when you are stranded?

The internet is obviously a bottomless pit of inspiration, but also distractions and cats. Sometimes I just juggle about what I’m doing, if I’m frustrated with a camera, I’ll use a different one for a while or try a film I’ve never used before etc. Or just move to a drawing project, or design brief which is what I probably should be doing in the first place. I think that’s the beauty in dabbling in a few creative routes, there’s so much to explore it stops things getting too monotonous.


Do your surroundings play a big part when it comes down to what you shoot?

I went from growing up in a small rural village to then studying in a small seaside town. I think because of that I’m always looking for that quiet moment even when somewhere not, whether that be London or a festival. So as long as I can find that I’m happy, but going anywhere new is exciting and inspiring, my first thought is always what camera and films to bring.


Do you prefer portraits or faceless photographs? What’s good about either?

I tend to just judge it in the moment. Faces are really revealing, and I’m probably mid conversation with who I’m shooting or they might possibly have a “put the camera down” face. Faceless photos leave more to the imagination which I think is important.


What’s your favourite season for shooting? What kind of weather makes you creative?

With summer you’re given so much natural lighting and obviously the weather to go exploring and be productive, so with that in mind I think Winter is a little more challenging. But a challenge is good and I’m optimistic right now, plus my winter coat can fit two cameras in so that’s a bonus. It’s a draw.


Other artists that inspire you? Any form of art?

At the moment Benoit Paille, because it’s like you can see what his playful mind see’s with every single photo. I admire the freedom Eibatova Karina seems to have with mediums, she seems to be able to do everything with anything. The lovely Synchrodogs duo, the world of Tara Dougans and always William Edmond of Nous Vous for their / his multi-disciplinary wizardry. A real mixed bag there, I also really like chairs.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson