Your love for black and white, where does it come from? Why do you choose black and white?

I think B&W is the best way to freeze a moment. It is great to filter the noise of the image means. I am not against color, but prefer B&W.


Tell me a little bit about architecture. What sort of urban landscape interest you?

Architecture is too professional and cold. For me, it is only a building where we can put someone in. Most of the time, I don’t shoot landmark buildings. I shoot the general ones, because they are the face of the city. Most of the landmark buildings only show us how ridiculous the city we are living in is.


What is Hong Kong to you? How do you describe Hong Kong?

I think Hong Kong is a very hard to read city. She always bewitches the others with her charming face, but you never know what she means. For me, Hong Kong is a place I always want to leave but don’t know how. So I am still living here.


Which other place you have been to has fascinated you as much as Hong Kong has?

My answer is Taiwan which produced so many great movie directors and my wife, who still is fascinating me now. When I was just a little boy, I read a lot of Taiwan magazines and books. They showed me a different face of Chinese culture and life.


Do you remember how and why you got into photography?

I am a crazy movie lover and I know it is impossible to make a movie by myself. So I got into photography which I can afford. I love film and it is the reason why I still take analog photos.


Which cameras are your favourites? How important is the camera to the photographer?

I love my Leica M and Voigtlander Bessa III. The camera is my partner who can help to express myself. I need a stable and  reliable relationship, I do not prefer to change my partner too frequently.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson