I’m always excited about books people publish. And i see you have published 2. Hometown book and Bygones. What are they about? How do they differ?

Bygones is my first self-published photo book.It contains some of my photography works from 2011 to 2012.Most of them were taken with 120 film.In this book, I tried to combine portrait and landscape in my own way.The emotion and atmosphere of the photos is what I wantED to emphasize on when editing the book.I printed 100 copies of Bygones and they were almost sold out.
Hometown book is a handmade book.So there’s only one edition.my private emotions about my hometown and childhood has been put in this book by showing words,plants,toys,and even notes passing around between my classmates in middle school.Compared with the printed books,the handmade books show more possibilities in the forms of expression,which seems like some space that gives more chances to build and create something freely there.


Your work is somehow nostalgic? What is your most treasured memory?

Old times are always beautiful.I especially miss my childhood in my hometown.


You shoot film and digital. How do they differ for you?

Most of the time I shoot film for my own artistic work.I shoot digital in some commerial work.I prefer the simple sense of film.


A lot of nature in your work. What does nature mean to you?

The longer I specialize in photography,the easier I am moved by normal scenes and things.I always have the highest awe towards nature.It is exactly arranged by the universe in this world,being ordinary but mysterious.All we can control in front of it is some abstract conception and rules.


Are there any photographers you admire? Inspire you?

There are so many photographers inspired me,especially some Japanese photographers,such as Yoshiheko Ueda and Rinko Kawauchi.I’m also fascinated by Ryan Mcginley’s work.


Tell me about Tinnitus. Is it still on-going? what is it about?

Tinnitus is a series of snapshots which I have taken in recent years.These snapshots are full of complex and fascinating intimacy to me.When the films were developed,I could see things that I didn’t notice when I took the picture.This kind of feeling of loss of control is interesting.I’m still taking snapshots now.I always bring my contax T3 with me when I go out.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson