How did you start taking pictures in the first place?

My girlfriend Lara was doing analog photography. So two years ago for Christmas I offered her a Lomography camera but as I didn’t know anything about it I took the wrong films.. In January the following year I started looking for an analog camera to use these rolls of film. When I found it I started taking pictures of my life and since then I keep doing it!


How do you choose your models, do you usually work with friends or with strangers?

My models are my friends but sometimes it happens that I take pictures of a stranger.


Has photography changed your way of viewing things?

Definitely, all your life you’re looking things differently, for now everything is about “I like it, It can be a good shot”, I’m maybe too much into it sometimes.


Do you like to plan your pictures or to wait for the right moment?

Always waiting, I don’t like to change what I see, when I like what I see I take a picture. I did my first shooting recently, only the place we went and the model (a friend) was planned. Ok maybe the clothes too..


What kind of things inspire you?

People, I love meeting people, maybe places too, I love discovering. Seeing new things, because when I’m used to a place I don’t like it, so I always want to move. It’s different with people, they can always change, move, go somewhere, express something, or else… I like simple things.


What’s your favourite movie and why?

It’s hard to choose but the first one that comes to mind is “Eldorado” by Bouli Lanners, a Belgian road movie. There also “Goodbye Horses” it’s a beautiful story of life about a road-trip that my friend Emmanuel Rosario did with his friends across the USA, this documentary-film is going to be released soon.. I think.

Interview by Emma Elina Keira Jones