Give me a little background information. How did you start shooting?

I first started out modeling for my mom as a child in NY. It was a tough trade to be in, so about 16 years old I just upgraded into the system and began shooting stuff myself instead. Also, I have this obsession with lines, and photographing helped me put it all into system.


What are the themes you wanna address through your work?

Uncertain dualities. When things push the extent of what it is to the limit it exceeds it and transfers into something else, but without losing its original core. A house can be so static it shakes, so eerie it’s cute, and leave you in a state similar to wondering if your drinks been spiked or if it’s actually just your mindset at work.


What do you think fascinates people about abandoned houses so much?

The broken window effect. When the first stone is thrown, anything goes. It changes the aesthetics of how we perceive things; it may become your one-man rave castle, or it may become your picture perfect white fence reality escape. You choose.


Which house or place you have been to has made the biggest impact on you and why?

My old car, Rocket. It was a Opel Cadett 71 model, and she was my first car. I had the privilege to have her in my life from 2000-2003. After I lost her, it all kinda went downhill. I think all my photographs since has been an attempt to resurrect her.


Have you ever thought of publishing a book? How important is printed work versus the internet today?

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about this. Books do have some fine qualities that internet can never replace, but I think books have to give it up. Cyberspace is king. Pretty soon we’ll all be buying gifs and project them onto our walls permanently, and to be honest I kinda look forward to it. IRL can only do so much. Nobody jerks off to magazines and still images anymore, you know what I mean?


What other artists from other fields do you find inspiring? Or related to your work?

Mostly I’m tapping into different engineers, actually. Or artist working related to that field. Just a couple of weeks ago I was introduced to Verdensteateret, which I thought was pretty k00l. Otherwise Hito Steyerl is a really interesting artist to me at the moment, and also Halil Altindere.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson