What are you working on right now? What is your new project?

I’m currently developing two projects. One is related to the world of Witchcraft, demons … I made ​​some photographs but I will make more. The other project is related to death. The last picture of yourself before disappearing.


How have horror movies influenced you and why?

Horror movies are very important in my life, in my way of being. It is the cause of my night terrors, my fear of the dark. These films influenced me since childhood, as a lot of other people too.

The first movie I saw was with Freddy Kruger. I was seven years old. Since then I have a fear of the dark. Now I really can not find a movie that scares me. I enjoy watching scary movies, I enjoy watching someone getting dismembered …. Sometimes I give myself a little scare.


Is there a place you would like to go, but haven’t had the time to go yet?

I love traveling. The times I’ve travelled, it was always because I have been a guest or on family trips. I have been to Kenya, Dubai and Abudabi, New York …

Right now I would love to go to Greenland and the Glaciers. I also like to visit Transylvania.


What do you do in your free time?

It all depends on my mood. Sometimes what I need is to be stuck at home. Not go out and not see people. Sometimes I like to go for a walk with my boyfriend in the city. Take the camera and go to any cemetery.

But really my head is almost always thinking about projects. I have a very cute little notebook that I always carry.


How has your photography evolved through time?

I am a continuously evolving product … hehe.  An important part of my life and also in my photography is my coming to live in Berlin. Since I am in this wonderful city I have been perfecting my style. My paranoia, my obsessions and my fetishes gone dark. I think I am becoming more pure, I am focusing on my style. But even I have to work and continue learning.


If you could be something else, a creature for example, what kind of creature would you be and why?

Oops! What a question you just asked me … hahaha, I love it! But it would require many pages to answer that one. I am a very childish person and I love to imagine. I have a good imagination.

I’d love to be a Triton from Greek mythology, the son of Neptune. So I could swim freely in the vast ocean.

Interview by Emma Elina Keira Jones