How did you start taking pictures? Have you had lots of support?

A few years ago I realized that I could not really do anything else. Support? Then and now, the extraordinary thing is the people around me.


How different is it shooting humans and animals?

When I photograph animals, these are always domesticated and social animals. Goats, dogs, etc. Their needs are very similar to ours: food, sex, and love / acceptance of others. That is, they are basically human!

Now seriously, animals don´t know what a camera is. They don´t look at us in a special way. Therefore, I never go: “that asshole that can distort the image I have of myself.” Also, I lose interest quickly. With people I never get tired.


Do you shoot people you know or do you search for models?

Sometimes I shoot what I see. Sometimes I shoot things I previously imagined. In the first case, I photograph people who are part of my world. In the second case no matter who the person is, may even be an unknown model with whom I agreed to a photoshoot. But in that case, the model will also become part of my world. World of images.


Of all the places you have been to in Europe, which one was most inspirational to you?

Barcelona, no doubt. The reason is: it’s a little world of parties and joys and basements.


How would you describe your photography?

“Look at that clumsy guy, sometimes it seems that he understands what he does.”


What do you want to shoot next? 

I plan to do in my small town (8000 inhabitants) the same type of photography I’ve done before in major cities in Spain. Possibly they will kill me.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson