So much and beautiful nature. What does nature mean to you? 

Every time I go around the city I arrive at the same place intuitively, making nature a very special world. My photographs are the result of my curiosity and inspiration and the connection I feel when I’m in contact with nature, a place where I can be by myself in a place where there are no boundaries, where the ideas are flowing and are embodied in a very broad sense and that you marvel at every turn.
I think it’s a constant experience which means, for me, having a natural frequency nirvana.


Do you get the feeling that more and more artists turn to nature? How would you explain this tendency?

I think every person is in a constant search and for many artists that involves going deeper to an intimate journey of new experiences, new horizons and thus exploring new interests. In an age where technological advances and the concrete of modernization makes many of us need to bond / connect / reconnect with nature without artificial distractions, we should appreciate our surroundings and appreciate the fact that they exist. That’s why nature is a route among many others for this trip, a choice for many new artists. It is ubiquitous and cautious, waiting for someone to delve into this trip.


Why do you choose to work with film, and which film is your favourite?

The film was the first thing I experienced in photography when I was a kid. Today, something older made me decide to work with film for all the things that it brings with it, it’s all a preparation, a ritual, from loading the camera, setting the values, fixing the “medium” that carries a photograph, dedication and concern for each frame of the 36 exhibitions that a film gives us. It is very different to what happens with digital and that pleases me very much. I think that within the range of rolls that I used, every one has its value, Kodak and Fuji film would be “favorites” but for all I give the same dedication.


Chile is said to be a very versatile country. Do you feel that way? How has it influenced you?

What is said of Chile is right. Chile has an innate versatility, territorial diversity present in each area of the country, different geography both North and South – and also from East to West; embraced over the Andes, and the breath of their coasts of the Pacific Ocean. I feel that versatility also in terms of people who inhabit Chile. I have friends who are from different regions of the country (currently do not live in the place where I was born) to mix all the above, influences in a very particular way. For me, from the personal and artistic, each person contains unique atmospheres that define them in time and space, making me, with them, able to capture those moments. Those made me decide to travel around Chile soon.


Has there been an important event that has influenced you as a person and an artist?

I do not come from a family linked to art but since childhood I was always a “searcher”, who spent his days perusing fashion magazines and books of nature, listening to the loud music and recording these issues in cassette, daydreaming and imagining that life was a movie and I think that life itself has influenced me and shaped my artistic side. The feelings and situations you encounter in life, everyday time, my family, people I meet every day and friends who cross your path, penalties and rages influencing your usual mood too, I could not say that an event is what influenced me, but rather say it is a whole, that all has made me grow, see things in a more broad and sharp to observe my past, present and yearn to see my future in my life, appreciate what I have and grow from within.


What s your theory regarding life?

Many texts refer to various theories of life, but there is one where Charles Bukowki strengthens my “theory of life” in the heart that laughs.

“… Your life is your life; get to know while you have it, you are marvelous the gods wait to delight in you.”

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson