Introduce yourself. Job title | Name | Tell us something interesting about yourself.

Ceramicist. Amy Worrall.

I spent a summer at football camp. Subsequently I have a deep dislike for football.

How do you go about working? What are the processes within being a ceramicist?

It’s all very conventional- sketches that I develop into designs, prototypes made in clay onto the final piece. The kiln is a cruel mistress. It’s an exciting process but also a frustrating one at times. A lot can go wrong when firing so opening the kiln is often opening the unknown. There is a lot of testing and trialing to minimize the ‘surprises’.


What inspires you to work with the female figure over the male form? 

The female figure offers a softer shape, which works well translated into clay. The male form doesn’t have the same fluidity as the woman. Really it’s just I love making boobs out of clay. I have made a few male pieces, so they are in the pipeline at some point.


I feel like you’ve put a modern twist on something rather handmade and kitsch… Would you class your style under a category? If so what?

I’ve always worked on the fringes of kitsch as a way of expressing humour, which is a huge part of my practice. It’s a way of exploring provocative topics without having my work defined by them. In terms of categorizing I don’t know, I’m not a fan of shoving work into brackets.

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Any exciting projects coming up & what does the future hold for you?

I’m planning to work with a foundry to create some brass casts of tiny orgies. I’ve also got some new stockists that I’m really excited to be working with. A pop-up shop is my big plan for this year at some point, so the future holds admin.


What made you choose the colour palette for this collection?

In the past I’ve only really used sliptrailing/underglaze to ‘illustrate’ my ceramics, the result being I was limited to using only a clear glossy glaze. With this collection I wanted to draw more focus to the tactile qualities of ceramics so picked colours based almost purely on the texture they gave in glaze form.


Any thoughts on what the next collection will bring?

I’d like to keep exploring textures, possibly focusing on one colour. Mixing my own glazes is the next big step.

Or a collection inspired by Kim Kardashian.

 Interview by Adam-Peter Hicks.