You use a lot of colour. Which colours would you choose in a self portrait?

I do like colour, as a painter, but for a photographic self portrait I’d be nude, and against a very plain wall. I like the muted tones of pale skin, and I’ve alway been fascinated by the blue hues of veins. Especially on a girls breasts or stretched over a rib cage. It would be pretty stark, the self portrait, and quite bright. No hiding.


I see you do illustrations, art photography, commercial, etc, which is your biggest love of all?

Ironically my biggest love of all is painting, which is the one thing I am sceptical about putting up on my website. I’m waiting until I’ve finished a collection and exhibited it, first. Drawing is more a daily thing I do out of therapeutic necessity, and photography is more my profession as it’s currently the main money earner. I’ve just been offered a job as Arts and Photography editor for a new London based magazine, so photography will really come to the forefront. Basically, I fell deeply in love with painting years ago, but I’m having a sordid affair with photography.


How did you get into photography in the first place?

I’ve always been struck by light, literally stopped dead when confronted by a particular quality of something beautifully lit. I’m also pretty obsessed with finding something extraordinary beautiful and being terrified of not sharing it. So I take it’s photo. It’s been that way for a very long time, maybe since I was 12 or so. It’s always been light, flesh, nudity, limbs, themes of anxiety, control and sexual oppression. So I suppose it runs parallel to the awakening consciousness of adolescence. My anxiety and panic attacks started around then, ten years ago (I’m 22 now) so I suppose taking photos and creating artwork came as a very welcome, natural venting process of trying to understand it all. Didn’t work, still don’t have a fuckin’ clue.


Indoors or outdoors?

Outdoors, always outdoors. Or at least where there’s enough blinding or golden natural light.


How do you choose your models?

By their skin. I have a thing for transparent, pale skin. Scout (featured throughout “Elfennau”) is a living white marble Renaissance Sculpture. I wish I was a man that could make love to her. (Sorry Scout.) I’m currently looking for a very fair male or female model, preferably androgynous, with blonde eyelashes and glossy white skin inspired by a portrait in the Taylor Wessing Portrait Award that’s currently being exhibited. It’s beautiful.


What are you working on at the moment?

At the moment I’ve got a few projects on the go or that have just been completed. I shot the stills photography for a short film called “Belleville” which will be stunning. Each scene is based on a Gregory Crewdson image. I’ve also begun the long project of documenting a friends pregnancy and the after-effect of the birth and the sparrow-like baby that’s just popped out of her, little Elsie. Another on-going personal project is a collection of intimate drawings for “Femmuary”; a month dedicated to the awareness of Feminism which I’m pretty into. The thing I’m most excited about, however, is a series of many very simple, well-lit portraits of my friends in their final year at university – about to step into the abyss, I guess. It’s an exciting but really terrifying time, right now. And I love it.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson