Why do you choose to photograph with polaroids?

I choose to shoot with Polaroids for various reasons … I love polaroids and collect them. I like Polaroid cameras in particular the sx-70 and slr680. I love the colors and the black and white, it gives the photos a vintage look, very appealing. Also photos taken with Polaroids are particularly easy to sell to collectors. I also noticed that on ebay I sell more easily polaroid photos than classic posters.


How did you start photographing nudes?

I started photographing nudes a few years ago with my girlfriend and her friends. I try not to shoot professional models but real amateur girls…. the girl next door.


How has photography changed your daily life?

Photography has definitely changed my life, I often try for interent inspiration, I look for new places where I can shoot, I study the positions to be taken by the models and I try in clothing stores for some particular dress and some bizarre accessories.


Do you think people are still shocked by nudes? Why is that?

I do not think that people are scandalized to see the nude photos but I think there is so much false morality around a naked photo shoot. Just think of the chaos that photos by Richardson cause every time he’s photographing a star half naked. Everyone wants to see her naked but no one admits it.


Do you plan your photos in detail?

Very often I plan the photos I wanna take, I take notes or try the ideas on the internet. I sign everything and when I decide to do the photo shoot I have several ideas to be implemented.


Where do you get inspiration from?

I take inspiration from photos of Terry Richardson, a beautiful half-naked girl and a white wall. I like to lead, take bizarre pictures and sometimes even a little ‘ridiculous’. Since I’m working with people I know well I can afford to experiment without being judged or criticized. I hope you enjoy my photos.

Interview by Emma Elina Keira Jones