“In the Dominican Republic , there is a beach town call Las Terrenas, I was there in vacation. One night while driving around town in my scooter, I saw all these girls sitting on plastic chairs outside a bar. I parked my scooter, and went to talk to them, I knew they were prostitutes, but it was strange and so affirmative to be in “gang” and outside on the same spot, not hiding, no shame, just doing their work. I talked to them, bought them drinks … We talked about our different work and our love for Bachata music. While some were trying to hustle for work others just chilled with me. I snapped pictures of them, at first they didn’t want to but the more we realyl talked the more they wanted to pose for me.  I spent a good part of the night with them, ’till one by one they disappeared with customers”

By José Enrique Montes Hernandez


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