Do you use your photography as some sort of diary?

I haven’t thought about that before but I think I’ve been using my camera in that way recently. I always keep it in my bag and shoot the moments that are special for me within the day.


What is your favourite camera and why?

I love compact cameras so I can take pictures without any adjustment anytime. And this gives me much more freedom.


What kind of things inspire you?

I love people, nature and city life. Good looking people and different places, lights… these things inspire me and make me wonder. I like feeling the moment.


If you had to go on an island and take only 3 things with you, which 3 would it be?

I want to take limitless bigmacs, my ipod, and people that are special for me.


Do you plan your photos or just wait for the right moment?

Actually there are usually exact frames in my mind. But I don’t plan for them. Right moments come to me in some way.


Are there some artists you admire?

Of course, there are. Ashkan Honarvar , Lukasz Wierzbowski and Alice Glass… I love their Work!

Interview by Emma Elina Keira Jones



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