Your work is very versatile. How are you as a person?

I am versatile as long as I get to express myself with visual language, photography is one of the ways, and I am also in love with making, painting and drawing. When I’m not doing those, I find it hard to express my true self.


Do you prefer the studio or working on location? What advantages and disadvantages are there for each?

I like the studio because I know it very well, I know what time the light will come from which direction. But if it’s a location I know well or feels like I know it really well I like it too, and sometimes when there’s less control for example the weather then you might get a nice surprise. You’ve got to let go of control sometimes.


Digital or film? What is closer to your heart and why?

Of course film is closer to my heart, for the fact that photography is about fulfilling visual imagination, and with digital you are exposed to each image right after the shot, and in a way it kills the imagination gradually during the shoot. But there’s a chance of failure when working with film, though it’s not a bad thing.


How has your background shaped you?

I moved to the UK with my family from China when I was 12 yrs old and lived here ever since, so I don’t have a strong definition for my nationality, and I tend to build up my own Kingdom by gathering things and people I like or believe in, and dispose of those I dislike. For example, I would tell people that in “my country” there are glass blowing factories but no politics.

I guess that’s influenced the way I express myself and hence my work.


What is your dream regarding photography? What would you like to have accomplished in lets say 10 years time?

I don’t really think about what I would like to have accomplished but rather trying to achieve a more ideal environment or state to work in. Because I think the best part of any creative work is in the process, and I would like to carry on expressing myself through photography and art.

In 10 years time, hopefully I would be working in my own studio somewhere in Iceland, and have talented designers or artists sending their work to me to photograph in the beautiful natural scenery on the island, and when I’m not photographing I will carry on painting and working with different mediums or combining it all.


What’s easy and difficult about working with people you know and people you don’t know?

I think that’s not a problem for me, the problem is working with people I like and I don’t like, because there are some people you know for a long time but just can’t find them interesting, and there are others you only saw a photograph of and you would know straight away that you would like to photograph them or get to know them. When it’s someone I like, I will let them take control and just trying to capture their true self, but when it’s someone I don’t find interesting I will take control and try to put all other interesting elements in place and they will just become part of it.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson

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