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How did you start taking pictures?

When I started in 2007 I loved taking pictures of nature and landscapes,  but for more than a year, I’m getting closer and closer to photos of people,  portraits and moments of intimacy, but always trying to balance both.

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 Do you prefer urban or rural settings?

I think a lot about this. In my photos there are so many natural landscapes that shows the need I have to escape from the cities and places too industrialized.

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What else are you doing beside taking pictures?

For the moment, my main job is gardener,  with photography being a freelancer job and being all self-financed so it’s driving me a little uphill,  but I hope to continue with perseverance and determination, and who knows, maybe one day I can leave the gardening to devote myself fully to photography.

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What other forms of art speak to you?

Another form of art that I’d like to know how to do is drawing with watercolors and tempera painting,  and then knowing how to work on wood.

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What is the meaning of photography to you? Is nature part of it?

A very important one, I find everything is completely unique, I believe that each insect has its own charm, I love photographing nature to convey to the viewer my own feeling of relaxation, detachment from the cities, being carefree and reaching intimacy with yourself.

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Where would you like to live and shoot most? 

Of course, it depends on the type of photo you want to do!  If I want to photograph stunning landscapes I’d definitely stay in the Amazon Forest, India, Galapagos Island. If I want to photograph people, I think that London would be a good starter point and then I’d move to the cities with the highest population density… go around with a camera to photograph the faces of the people who send me so much without thinking too much.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson

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