Where do you find your main inspirations for your creations? Is it difficult working to a brief in your opinion? 

It’s from many different things but mostly shapes of bodies within imagery. It can be a detail such as a neck that makes a really interesting shape with the bone structure or a shadow that falls on the body in an interesting way.


Could you pinpoint something that you’re most happy with that you’ve done in your career so far? [Either modelling or artwork]

Im glad with it all because of the experience it gives me. But If I have to choose I must say that working with Brett Lloyd has been the most interesting because we have a lot to talk about and similar ways of looking at things.


If you made a piece of artwork that summed you up as a person, what would it be and how would you go about it?

I think it would be a body portrait like I do now but with architecture lines to describe the bodies part but instead of names of body parts it would be things I find interesting in life in simple sentences and not with to many words. But this depends on how I feel at the time. But right now it would be like this I would have done it.


Publications you’ve modelled for and who are you favourite photographers/talents at the moment/ you like to work with?

I’ve done BON magazine and I did the last issue of vogue hommes japan with Brett Lloyd and then I’ve done Boys by girls with Cecilie Harris that I really liked and enjoyed because it became a collaboration as I made portraits of my self to be published among pictures of me and she is a great photographer. Then I’ve done Weekday in Sweden with Boe Marion and he is an really great photographer. Don’t know really who I would like to work with now, so many great ones.


What do you plan on doing in your future? Further your modelling career or focus on your artwork?

I imagine that I will continue modelling as long as I can because I enjoy it a lot but I’ll always focus on my artwork and try to use it in something I really want to do and work out in my head how I am going to start with some ideas I have so the artwork will always be the thing I will continue doing.

Interview by Adam-Peter Hicks