How did you start photographing? What got you into it?

In fact I don’t really remember what got me into photography. I started by hazard. I bought my first camera when I was 13 with the money I saved. I used it a lot and I dropped it in a drawer for years. Until the day where the first reflex camera made its entry in my house. It was like Jesus came to me. So couple of months later I had bought my first reflex camera a Canon 550D. But it was quite limited I couldn’t develop my skills as I wanted. So one year later I bought a Canon 5D MARK II and with that one I still shoot sometimes.


Explain your love for instant photos! What makes them so special compared to other formats or digital?

They’re meaningful. What I love the most with instants photos is the fact that you can’t edit them as much as you can do with the digital pictures. Digital cameras are way to easy to use. If you fail you can retry as much as you want. With instant cameras you have to think about the pictures and feel them before you click your button. And when the pictures comes out it’s like a part of your mind on this paper.


What does the road mean to you?

I grew up and still live in a tiny village in the which I feel stuck in. My dreams are too big to stand here. So the road is the only remedy I found for this sickness. It’s a part of my soul. It’s my home.


Are you on the road a lot? What was a place that fascinated you?

I leave Switzerland any time I can. Even here I still travel between the different places I love. I can’t stay in the same place too long. I love the place where my human condition is giving into question. Where the immensity of the world hits me straight in the heart. Where I feel lost. Feeling lost is one one the most gratifying feelings in this world. For one second you have this chance to be no one and nowhere.


How has photography changed your life?

Sometimes photography became a mean of expression more than talking. Photography opened my eyes and woke my mind up. She brings the beauty of life to me. It’s now printed deep in my soul. Photography is my life.


What other art forms or artists would you say you love?

Hum This one is hard to answer !

I love:

– Cinema (Xavier Dolan, Michael Haneke, Stanley Kubrik)

– Drawing (Enki Bilal, Egon schiele)

– Photography (Patrick Budenz, David Shama, Sally Mann, Helmut Newton, Ryan Mcginley, Naan Golding, Larry Clark and many more.)

– Music impossible to list everything but these times my playlist turns around, Drew Gragg, Valentin Stip, NU, Darkside, FKA twigs, Cloud boat, Devendra Banhart, Antony & the Johnsons.

Marina Abromovic is quite someone that inspires me as well !

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson