Tigran and I started the conversation as most people would. We then went on to discuss the designers Fashion CV and career so far. This is what he had to say..
‘’I was a Creative kid & didn’t realise fully until the age of 21 that I wanted to pursue a career within fashion. I moved to London from Russia when I was 18 years old. Once I had settled in I went on to study a foundation at Central Saint Martins and then a 2 year Product Design course. After studying this course for a while I felt it was not right for me, nor did I feel 100% comfortable within studying this topic.’’


Tigran then went on to study a menswear course which spanned over 4 years. In the 3rd year he had a work placement year which he worked for 3 well-known brands. Dunhill for 6 months, Acne for 2 months; and most importantly Lanvin in which he became responsible for the prints, which you can see from the SS12 MENSWEAR below. He went on to tell me about the lack of technology used within the designs for the prints. ‘’The inspiration of the prints from SS12 were based on Persian carpets, but made digitalised to create a form of abstraction’’

Tigran got offered a job within the brand of ACNE, after his work placement but unfortunately they then decided to shrink the ACNE menswear and the job placement evaporated. This then brought Tigran on to his own designs.



‘’I wanted to create a form of rebellion, and portray the modern day hardships within young people. The inspiration came from the word ‘tautology’ which is to repeat the same thing twice. This then went on to viewing my surroundings which at the term was university and negative youths. Of course the collection is open to an individual’s interpretation though.’’ He then went on to tell me how the text on the garments came from the chats between students surrounding him at this time and the environment he was living and working within. This collection is doing extremely well and now sold in many stores such as Machine A, Wut Berlin & The Show Studio Shop. The SS14 collection is a modification of the past but more focussed on decadence. Tigran went on to say ‘’there is no better way of writing it’’. It is a combination of new and old elements, but still high fashion. The desaturated tones and textures adds to the more luxurious look of this collection.

AW14, still ongoing from the graduate collection with the use of text and oversized garments. The collection is monochromatic in its entirety which adds a sense of depression within itself. I personally love the way each collection is a progression from the last. It tells an abstract story through clothing, which is sometimes hard to achieve but Tigran seems to do it perfectly. Luckily, I have been lucky enough to wear an outfit by Avetisyan and I must say, when you wear it you feel  empowered and confident.

Interview by Adam-Peter Hicks.



LANVIN // look 39 onwards… http://www.style.com/fashionshows/complete/S2012MEN-LANVIN

FASHION VIDEO // http://showstudio.com/project/punk/tigran_avetisyan

& PROFILE //  Punk is communication in its most undiluted form. One cannot innovate if one is scared to offend.

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