How do your surroundings influence you?

First, to be able to grow, we have to put yourself in an environment that you would get good inspiration from. Even if there is a situation that can not be avoided, there are a lot of opportunities for creation there as well, and I try to not overlook them.


How did you start photographing?

I was interested in movies originally, but to represent the world I want to draw on my own, it takes about 2 hours if it’s a movie, but I think that it can be represented by only one piece if it’s a photo, so I started photographing. Also, I was affected by the strength of the piece on a record jacket of a band.


How do you choose your models?

I can feel their charm, beauty is not perfect. There is a reason to stick to Japanese. I’m looking for someone who is not a super model, who is not far removed from the day-to-day, a person humanly attractive.


How does photography influence your daily life?

Shooting is what brings attention to all of the day-to-day life things, turning them to the world and making for an exciting attractive daily life.


Where do you get inspiration from?

It is out of the ordinary life. I get a hint of the idea from the past and the way that I was used to walking after work had been experienced. I think that you get a hint from all things existing, because someone has been somewhere already, and by using some hints from their own life, but using them to make what you can only make.


What are you working on right now?

I am working on the use of motifs such as water and smoke and light, to create a layer of light to be many layers. I am trying to express in the photo world something like the Wall of sound.

Interview by Emma E. K. Jones