What does photography mean to you?

This is a tough question because I don’t think I can really put into words what photography means to me… All I can say is that photography has become a way of expressing myself, and I don’t see myself doing anything else that doesn’t involve photography.


How did you start photographing?

I started by photographing a bit because of my father. He is a photographer as well, so I grew up surrounded by cameras and photos all over the living room, so I became very interested and I realized the power of photography. At 13 I decided that this is what I wanted to do. I started photographing my friends, on field trips and such. Then I went to college and I learned more and more about this kind of art and I found myself as a photographer.


What would you love to shoot and what would you never shoot?

I’m mainly interested in conceptual photography and fashion photography, so there’s a lot of people I’d like to shoot, like musicians, actors, models… too many to mention, really. And I’d love to do film still photography. But I’d never do wild life photography, I find it kind of scary, or food photography, I just don’t find it very stimulating. I like people and clothes too much, I guess.


How does photography influence your daily life?

Since I’ve started photographing I look at things very differently, I became very observing so that is a way to always find something different everyday, no matter if I already crossed that path hundred times. And I always carry one of my cameras, so I can always shoot whenever I feel like it.

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Where do you get inspiration from?

I usually get my inspiration through other artists work. I’m a big fan of Rita Lino, Lina Scheynius, Ellen Von Unwerth, Ren Hang and Ryan McGinley… Also Marina Abramovic. I also get inspired by movies, like Les Amours Imaginaires,  that’s my all time favorite. I listen to a lot of music, so that inspires me a lot too. I guess a little bit of everything…


What are you working on right now?

Right now I’m finishing college and we have to present, at the end of the year, our photographic projects. So I’m really focused on that. My project is about me and my feelings mainly, and I want people to really understand me and who I am, because I feel there’s only about two or three people that actually know the real me, let’s put it that way, and everyone else only thinks of me as a joker because I’m very outgoing, so they never take me seriously.

Interview by Emma Elina Keira Jones

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