Collage art and bodies. What do these two have in common as art objects?

We like to imagine that feelings and emotions in human bodies, take form in million of pieces of paper like in a collage. We tried to represent this vision in our work.


Why do you think that a naked body is the best canvas for a collage?

In this work, as we were playing with the concept of transfiguration between human and non human, the choice was somehow compulsory. We intended the collage projection as a second skin on bodies and the real skin itself is a perfect screen for its light and soft texture.


How did this idea come up in the first place?

We are both friends and artists and we always wanted to work together (at least once). We use different medias (photography and collage) and we found in projection the way to express both point of view.


Which problems did you encounter while working on it?

At first we planned the project taking count of many technical issues (exposure, black background etc) but when we took the first shot we realize the result was beyond expectations. We sat up a dark room with the only light coming from the projector which become our personal Wunderkammer.


Is this an ongoing project? Or have you completed it? How do you know when such a project is complete?

Naturalia/Artificialia project is completed. We think we’ll collaborate again in the future in different ways.
Usually we realize, both in photography and collage, that the project is over when we feel we have said all and there is no more to say. It’s difficult to explain, you just feel it.


Why melancholie? What does this word mean to you and how did it inspire you?

Melancholie(mit Monstern) is our artistic alias as collage artists (Nicola and Riccardo). Melancholie is not necessary a negative emotion, it can reach the beauty of solitude; as an orange tea on a rainy November evening.

Interview by Amanda M. Jansson